“Daily Strength For Daily Needs, Call For Daily Prayer”

Using Jesus’ example of prayer in Matthew chapter six, He taught His disciples that it is of utmost importance that we recognize God as our source of strength and our provider. Jesus taught them to direct their prayer request to “Abba Father.”

To call God Father says that we have, and acknowledge our relationship with Him through His Son Jesus. There is also an expectation on our part that our needs would be met, and the expectation of God is that as His children we would come to Him first to meet those needs! To call God Father also says that we understand His role in our lives, and He has the prerogative to allow or disallow certain things to take place simply because He knows what’s best for us. Our comfort is in knowing that He always has our best interest at heart even it means enduring some type of affliction as Jesus, Joseph, Daniel and the Hebrew boys did, but they ultimately saw God’s goodness.    

God is our Provider, the One Who provides us with substance necessary for life and growth. He is our protector, the One Who shields and defends us from injury, danger and loss that’s not ordained by Him! God upholds us and keeps us from falling; He supports us in the face of opposition and is our source of encouragement. He is El Shaddai, God Almighty, the sufficient and all powerful One, He is Our source of blessing!

In Matthew chapter 6: 10 - 13 Jesus outlined our basic needs for us, the need for God’s will to be done in our lives, our need for daily bread and a need to be forgiven; a need to be led but not into temptation, a need to be delivered and rescued from the influences of the evil one. Oh the victories that await us through prayer!

Prayer is time released, expected and individualized, it is intimate and rewarding; our prayers should be specific and by faith; and ultimately prayer conforms us; it gives us strength to wait on God, and to recognize and accept His will for our lives.

We can be strengthened in knowing who your Father is and that He is able.

 “Is there anything too hard for God?” Go to Him in prayer, for it is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom!  (Gen. 18:14 and Luke 12: 32)

Be blessed,


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