We Serve an Awesome God !

Did you know that we do not know WHY plants grow ?

For sure, we know what is needed for plants to grow, but no one knows why a seed sprouts to life when you put it in the ground.   We have been planting and plowing fields for generations, and we have begun to alter the DNA of plants to get better yields, but no one knows why a seed will sprout and grow when you put it in the ground.  We assume it will happen, we expect it to happen, and it always does if the basic nutrients and water are present.    I submit that the sprouting of each and every seedling is a MIRACLE OF GOD.   Nothing would sprout and grow if God did not perform a miracle.   It is a fact of life that seeds sprout and grow when you put them in the ground.  However, each and every time a seed sprouts, a miracle has been performed.   This is the same miracle of life that occurs in a new born baby.    Each and every conception is a MIRACLE of LIFE performed by GOD.   The Miracle of Life abounds everywhere and we live around it and take it for granted.

Who enforces the Laws of the Universe ?

We all know the laws of gravity, inertia, e=mc2 etc.  We know the laws, we live by the laws and we depend on the laws.   But, who or what enforces the laws.   GOD created the universe and thereby created the laws.  I submit that GOD actively enforces all the laws of the universe for every millisecond of our existence.

What is matter made of ?

We all know that matter is made of atoms.   Atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons.  Scientist have even discovered sub-sub atomic particles.   What no one emphasizes, but all the scientists know, is that the more we break down the composition of matter, the less we find.   In other words, 98% of an atom is empty space.   If we break down protons and neutrons, we find that they in turn are mostly empty space.   Electrons are pure energy.    All of the matter around us is essentially empty space held together by energy and very little substance.   I submit that as we continue to look closer and closer into the composition of matter, we will simply run out of substance and run into the HAND of GOD.    Each and every atom of the universe is in existence because of the force provided by the HAND of GOD.   Matter has no substance.  It is simply the Hand of God providing energy and manipulating that energy into what we call matter.    ALL of it  would simply not exist if GOD took His hand away.  

Is there Life on other Planets ?

Evolutionists close their minds to the wonders of our world and hide their heads in the concept of time and millions of years to conclude that the world we see today is the result of a multi-million year accident.   Science Fiction writers look at the wonders of the universe with all of its billions of stars and galaxies and conclude that life has to be present on other planets.  I submit that the splendor of the universe is a testimony of the awesomeness of GOD.  GOD wants us to know of His majesty.  That is why all the stars are there, and that is why the universe is too big for us to measure and the stars are too many for us to count.   If we could find the end of the universe, we would simply find the FACE OF GOD.

We serve an AWESOME GOD.   We cannot even begin to comprehend all that He has created and all that He maintains for us in our world.     The Awesomeness of GOD is matched only by the amount of LOVE He has for us.   For, why else did GOD create all this for us and continue to maintain every intricate aspect of our existence.    AWESOME GOD.


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