The Powder of satan

Does satan really have any power ?   No he doesn't.   he is only blowing smoke.  his power is simply powder.   The only power satan has is the power we give to him over us.   Jesus Christ defeated the devil on the Cross.    Now the devil can only do what we allow him to do.  It is therefore important to not entertain any suggestions that satan has for us.   The closer you are to God, the less enticing the suggestions of satan will be. 

How powerful is satan ?   God gave satan power over Job, but the devil had to ask permission from God to allow it.   satan is a fool because he is asking permission from God and he thinks that some day he will defeat God.    How foolish is that ?!!    Also realize that God created time and the universe.  Since God created time, He knows exactly what and when all things will happen.   The end of time, or the end of the world is already determined and by definition, it will happen as God created it.  God has already determined how and when the world will end and where the devil fits into the scenario.   Also realize that the devil is constrained within time just as we are.  The devil intends to rise above the Most High, but this is only an intention and since the devil has to try to make it happen, it is clear that the devil is powerless against time just as we are.  The devil is released on the earth and he knows he does not have much time.  Here is the devil frantically trying to conquer the world and rise up above God and God, who is operating outside of His creation of time, must simply be amused at the childish acts of the devil.   If the devil must act within the constraints of time, he must be completely powerless against God.   Yet, the foolish devil still thinks he can prevail.   The devil is a FOOL.




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